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Did Your Employees Quit and Forget to Tell You?

This is a take from the old saying that “people retire ON the job”, instead of “from the job.” Similarly, there is a great book titled, “I Quit… But Forgot to Tell You!”, by Terri Kabachnick.

The book is about disengaged workers and it outlines the cost to U.S companies… excess of $250 billion in 2002 numbers.   Can anyone begin to guess what disengagement costs today?!

According to Kabachnick’s research:

  • “Most disengaged workers were once engaged, caring workers.”
  • “Disengaged workers are not necessarily poor performers.”
  • “Disengagement usually begins with either a new boss or a boss who becomes disengaged.”
  • “Disengagement often occurs after changes in the responsibilities of a position.”
  • “Disengagement begins when learning and development end.”

How might a manager or CEO begin to rebuild engagement?

Here are 6 ways to begin:

1.     Make sure you have each employee working in a job that matches his or her abilities and strengths

2.     Celebrate each employee as the unique contributor they are

3.     Make certain that positive recognition is a regular part of the company culture

4.     Coach problem performers up, over, or out!

5.     Provide growth opportunities for Top Performers!

6.     Provide the leadership needed for Total Engagement

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Judy W Bell

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