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Spiritual Intelligence and Vocation

As we learned in earlier posts, vocation is one of the twelve qualities of Spiritual Intelligence.


1. A strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation.

2. A person’s employment or main occupation, esp. regarded as particularly worthy and requiring great dedication.

Spiritual Intelligence… Using Maslow’s Needs

Ian Marshall has done a great deal of work in studying Spiritual Intelligence and devised a “Scale of Motivation” to work along side Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Marshall contends that our “transformation process” must be aimed at adjusting our “motivations” FIRST to sustain any lasting effect.  Most change processes are aimed at altering behavior (habits).  Unless the motivation (cause) is addressed first, the behaviors (effects) will be short-lived.

More on Spiritual Intelligence

According to Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall, Spiritual Intelligence can be witnessed in the business world in the following manner:

Spiritual Capital:

  • Preserves and renews resources
  • Sees future generations as stakeholders
  • Inspiring
  • Leadership as a vocation
  • Sense of fulfillment
  • Dedication
  • Addresses inequality and anger
  • Hope

Spiritual Intelligence… The 12 Qualities

In an earlier post we looked at Spiritual Intelligence from the definition and comparison perspective.  As stated earlier, Danah Zohar coined the term in 1997.

Danah Zohar further developed the concept and principles of Spiritual Intelligence with Ian Marshall with whom she co-authored the book, “SQ:  Ultimate Intelligence”. Zohar and Marshall identified what they determine to be the twelve qualities of Spiritual Intelligence.  These are:

Spiritual Intelligence

We hear a good bit more about Spiritual Intelligence today than we did a decade ago.  The term was coined in 1997 by Danah Zohar and explored in her book, “Rewiring the Corporate Brain.”  With Ian Marshall, she defined Spiritual Intelligence as,

“ …the intelligence that makes us whole, that gives us our integrity.  It is the soul’s intelligence, the intelligence of the deep self.  It is the intelligence with which we ask fundamental questions and with which we reframe our answers.”