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Voss Graham interviews Ron Bonnstetter

Ron Bonnstetter is the Sr VP of Research for TTISuccessInsights and a leader in brain research for improving our assessment reports. And, no this is not some boring presentation of analytics from a researcher – it is a dialogue between an entrepreneur and an executive dialoguing about the advantages of Research on the accuracy and validity of the assessments used by InnerActive Consulting Group Inc.

Watch this spirited dialogue between two people who are passionate about what they do for their clients everyday. Watch it now…

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As a Leader, Sharing Clarity or Confusion?

Voss W Graham shares his insights regarding what the leadership is providing to their people – more Clarity or added Confusion? The Objective is clear, leaders need to share Clarity of the Business Purpose and Vision for the Future. Watch this video as Voss shares his insights and experience…

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Five Fundamental Strategic Questions for Leaders

Growth StepsEvery Excellent Leader stays totally aware of their organizations growth. More specifically, the Leader is the Navigator for Organizational Direction.

Therefore, the Growth of the Organization is – or will be – a “Top of Mind” activity.

There are five fundamental Strategic Growth questions you can use to measure the success of your growth plan in the current economic environments.

People Add Complexity to Small Company CEO’s

Often when working with some of our small business clients I have felt (and heard) the frustration of the founding entrepreneur when speaking about their business. What gives? Is the question I have asked myself and the founder of these companies.

Well, I finally got the answer from research done by James Fischer.

While most people focus upon the sales or profit growth of any organization as the cause of this frustration, they are wrong. The real culprit is a growing number of employees. This fact has been overlooked by some very smart people until this research exposed the true.

Top Five Challenges for Start Up Companies

If you are like me, then sometimes you learn new things and actually state – “I wish I had known this 5 – 10 – 20 years ago.”

This is a common theme as leaders and entrepreneurs grow in experience through the school of hard knocks and trial and error. For this reason, I have decided it is time to share information, knowledge, experience and wisdom with others – so just maybe, they will not have to ask the above question.

Now the reason it is important to understand the five non-negotiable and threatening challenges to a Start-Up organization is quite depressing. Research shows that 80% of new businesses fail in the first five years. Seems the 80/20 rule is still accurate when applied to the percentage of surviving start ups. Only 20% of the start-ups make it to their fifth year anniversary.

Some very good research into what is needed for a company to successfully grow (and remain in business) is for the leader to focus on the most important things in their business during this time period. James Fischer conducted this research and formulated guides for the leaders and CEO’s to navigate the Growth Curve for Small Businesses.

This research covers companies with 500 employees or less. – Yes, even the sole owner or one person shop is impacted by the information contained in this model.

So, let’s look at the Five Non-Negotiable Challenges a Start Up Company in Stage One of the Growth Curve must focus their time and energy on mastering.