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Life Lessons for an Improved Standard of Living Life

Having one of those thoughtful moments about the quality of people in our world today. I have read Brian Tracy’s wonderful book – “Something For Nothing” which I believe was one of his best works of writing. Maybe because knowing Brian as I do, he was very authentic in sharing his thoughts and ideas in this book.

But back to the purpose of this writing – Life Lessons for an Improved Standard of Living Life. While my thoughts have moved past the initial thoughts of relating Standard of Living to a certain amount of money or income level – my focus is upon the idea of Living Life well.

There are numerous ways to relate the Living Life agenda – and yes, some want to focus upon money or income as they measuring stick. However, I would prefer to take it the level of choices we make – daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The choices we make create our world of reality.

So let’s look at three specific Life Lessons as we think about how these impact the choices we make.

7 Steps to a More Prosperous Life

As we discussed in a previous post, prosperity is about much more than money or finances.   Once you determine areas of your life where more prosperity is needed it is time to outline a plan to make this happen.

1.  Who are your reference groups?   Remember… Like attracts Like

2.  Read and study in areas that will enrich your life in these areas

The Law of Prosperity

The most common definition of prosperity is:  “a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition.”    It is important to realize that prosperity and abundance include all conditions of life, not just money and finances.

The best place to begin planning to become more prosperous is to first define your values and determine what prosperity would look like for you within these values.

What areas of your life hold the most value and importance for you?

Use the 5 P’s in the Coming Year of Prosperity

Wow! Thanks for stopping by to read our 500th post for Insights. We are very excited about hitting this milestone and we’re looking forward to more interaction with our readers. So, first let me invite the real readers to give us comments regarding our subjects, posts and positions. (Spammers and Robots not allowed however.)

The exciting thing is things are happening all around us. In fact, our opportunities are interesting every day and there is a sense of optimism beginning to fill the conservations. IT IS TIME TO GET EXCITED ABOUT LIFE AND BUSINESS!

With that being said, I would like to share the Five P’s for driving Prosperity for you and your organization. I want to keep things as simple as possible in our ever increasing complex world and these five P’s help make it simple again.

So, what are the five P’s you ask? Here they are…

The NEW Prosperity Plan

The recession hit long and hard.   By economic definitions the recession ended many months ago.  But by real-life definition, most people believe it still lingers.  My business background, centered solely in the “people” business, has been nagging at me quietly (sometimes not so quietly) that business will never be the same.   Heck… LIFE will never be the same.   But I’m beginning to realize that change is good if we embrace it rather than let it plow us down.

I’ve been saying for three years that the recession has not only been about jobs and finances, but about what we define as success.   My friends and colleagues have all heard me say (preach!) that the recession hit most of us to our very being… our DNA.    Most business professionals predict that as soon as the economy has some stabilizing positive news, employees will be changing jobs by the droves.   My predictions have been even deeper.   I believe our values have been completely redefined.   Most of us are undergoing a metamorphosis.   And that can be a good thing.

Your Thoughts and Words Worth Catching?

Thoughts and Words are Creative as well as Contagious…
Make Sure Yours are Worth Catching

Paul Harvey tells a story of a young artist who had just been engaged to paint a portrait of a local builder.  The artist was so excited, feeling so good, since it was his first major commission.  He went down to his favorite little sidewalk café to enjoy a glass of wine and celebrate the portrait he was to paint.  While he was sitting there sipping his wine, he looked over and saw a newspaper lying in a chair at the next table.  At the top of the front page in bold print were the words “Hard Times are Coming.”  The more he looked at it, the more uptight and worried he became.

The restaurant owner came by in a moment and said, “Shall I get you another glass of wine or something to eat?”  “No,” he said, “just bring me my check.  I must go right now.”  The owner replied, “Is something wrong?”  The artist said, “Hard times are coming, and this is no time for me to be frivolously spending my time and money.  I must get to work.”

Money versus Prosperity

Today I received an email asking me a simple question.  The email came from one of the generic search engines from only who knows where.  But it was such a profound question.   The simple question was, “What if you could not be given any more friends, love, money, etc. until you appreciate what you already have?”

Wow!   Pretty loaded question!   But it is a good exercise in gratitude and in realizing what is often surrounding us and what we take for granted.  Most often we think money will buy us happiness.  So we spend a great part of our lives chasing money.  Money is important, please understand that! But let’s look at what money will and will not buy:

Creating and Living in Prosperity

We hear so much about prosperity lately. We hear even more about a lack of prosperity.

The most common definition of prosperity is: “a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition.” It is important to realize that prosperity and abundance includes all conditions of life, not just money and finances.

How to Steps to Prosperity