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The Three “C’s” to a Successful Life

One of the hottest topics these days is about success. Seems a lot of people are trying to figure out how to be successful at work, at play or at home.

First thing is I admire the people who take a moment in their valuable time space to think about success. The truth is you are hard-wired for success, yet, sometime gets in the way. Distraction is the most common thing getting in our pathway to success – especially those of us who are continuously multi-tasking under the false assumption of being more productive. 🙁

When I began to think more about success I found a ton of information on the topic and got a little overwhelmed with the process of learning about success. Thanks goodness one of my natural strengths is problem solving and another strength is to simplify the complex into usable steps.

Those I discovered the 3 “C’s” to a Successful Life. This includes all the different “at’s” you desire doing for success . 🙂

Six Steps to Fighting Failures

Some feedback I have received from people indict a need for more “how to fight failure” steps, so I wanted to give you six steps you can use starting today – if necessary.

First, let me remind you – some failures are going to happen. The key is to limit their consequences and impact using methods I discussed in previous articles. Failures are only events or happenings and have no bearing upon “who” you are. You are not the failure – the event was the failure. You are fine.

If you have difficulty understanding the impact or reasoning behind the second paragraph then you are a candidate for a good personal development seminar. Check out the Phoenix Seminar, especially since it is now online.

Okay, back to the six steps…

Phoenix Seminar is now Online

Hi everybody, the personal leadership and development seminar – The Phoenix Seminar on the Psychology of Achievement by Brian Tracy is now online. It is now available 24/7 for people who want to learn How to Succeed in Life.

Check out the original Phoenix Seminar website to learn about how it helps people to succeed and achieve what they want in life.

Now if you’re looking for some magic bullet or get rich quick process – this is NOT the place to go.

Here you will learn what causes failure and success in people’s lives. Then what you can do to change your results in life.

Life Lessons for an Improved Standard of Living Life

Having one of those thoughtful moments about the quality of people in our world today. I have read Brian Tracy’s wonderful book – “Something For Nothing” which I believe was one of his best works of writing. Maybe because knowing Brian as I do, he was very authentic in sharing his thoughts and ideas in this book.

But back to the purpose of this writing – Life Lessons for an Improved Standard of Living Life. While my thoughts have moved past the initial thoughts of relating Standard of Living to a certain amount of money or income level – my focus is upon the idea of Living Life well.

There are numerous ways to relate the Living Life agenda – and yes, some want to focus upon money or income as they measuring stick. However, I would prefer to take it the level of choices we make – daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The choices we make create our world of reality.

So let’s look at three specific Life Lessons as we think about how these impact the choices we make.

Do You Have Your Life’s Mission and Vision Defined?

The story is told of a depressed woman who jumped from a bridge into the river below. Without hesitation, a man who witnessed the act jumped in to save her.  But “the hero” suddenly remembered that he couldn’t swim.   Soon he began yelling for help and thrashing around, which would likely mean instant death for both.

Hearing the man’s cries, the depressed woman swam to his rescue, carried him out of the water, and administered CPR…thus saving his life.

Want to Make Yourself Indispensable?

Many people think they are indispensable.  Most people are not!     The workforce of today and tomorrow requires skill sets and mind sets that will be instrumental to personal and business success.

Here are 16 creative ways to make you indispensable.  If not to your current employer, to someone else who is looking for new talent.

1.     Never stop learning!

2.     Ability to get along with a broad range of personality types

3.     Teach others by sharing your knowledge

4.     Speak only in positive terms

5.     Build coalitions

6.     Raise your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

7.     Volunteer to assist others

8.     Communicate effectively, timely, and in a positive manner

9.     Look for the good in others

10.   Lose the bad moods… or at least have them privately

11.   Have a smile in your voice


13.  Offer a hand, a shoulder, a solution

14.  Take the initiative

15.  Be aware of positive branding

16.  Know your brand and make sure others know it too

A good personal coach can help you bring out your talents.  Let us help facilitate that process.  For more information on our personal coaching program call us at 901-757-4434 or 1-800-452-4036.

Are you ADDICTED To DRAMA??????

10 Ways to Overcome the Drama Addiction

We become what we think about.  And talk about.  And gossip about.  Have you ever watched someone spiral out of control over the least little thing?   And many times it is someone else’s problem.  But then you get drawn in and it becomes your drama.  Since it is contagious, your spouse gets it, too.   And then the children come down with it.  Shoot, even your friends catch it!  What is it?   Burned out adrenal glands!

Ok, let’s slow down a minute and think about the things, people, and circumstances that we truly want to occur in our lives.   “Stuff happens” and it will find you all day long if you talk about it and expect it hard enough.  But remember, burned out adrenal glands!  And… a lowered immune system.

Trouble can walk into your life easily enough.  But if you invite it in, trouble comes in with his friends and family members and they STAY well past their welcome.  And remember…Burned out adrenal glands.   Lowered immune system… and normal healthy people walk off when they see you coming. YIKES!

So… how to break the addiction?

Snobbery, Arrogance, and the Tall Poppy Syndrome

Have you ever heard of the Tall Poppy Syndrome?  The term is used mostly outside the U.S., primarily in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.  The term is derogatory in nature and refers to “cutting down” people who have higher social, economic, or political status.  The reference dates back first to Livy’s (59 BCE) History of Rome, Book I which recounts the story of a Roman King symbolically sweeping a stick through his garden to chop off the heads of the tallest poppies growing in the garden.  This was to symbolize a society that was leery of people who are deserving of genuine merit and positive attention.   In other words, do not stand above the crowd!

Are You an Inverse Paranoid?

Are you an inverse paranoid?   If not, you probably should work on mastering this important skill.   The inverse paranoid wakes up on the RIGHT side of the bed each morning.    The “IP” is one who believes the world is conspiring to do him good.   They also believe that people are out to “help” them instead of hurt them.

What are common traits of an inverse paranoid?

Attitudes are Contagious… Where did you get yours?

And how to change them…

Most behavior psychologists believe that approximately 90% or more of our attitudes are formed by age 5.  We all have a behavioral style that we adopt very early in life.  These styles come from points of both nurture and nature.  Added to our natural “style” come the family and educational experiences we have.  All of these natural tendencies as well as our experiences set the stage for our thoughts and attitudes.