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Success is as Easy as 1-2-3

My recent article on the Three C’s to a Successful Life must have hit a hot button with you and a lot more folks! So, I thought, what else would be helpful to people seeking more success?

I remembered my friend Gary Blair a.k.a The Goals Guy and all the amazing work he has done for both individuals and organizations in leading success and achievement. Achievement is the trigger for success. The more you achieve relative to your goals and objectives in life, the better you feel about yourself. In fact, at that point you world takes on a new aura of happiness, success and positive feeling about yourself.

Therefore, I thought about how could I help you kick start your success over the next 3 months?

6 Myths to Effective Hiring

Selecting Unique High performing TalentHelping both large and small companies to select potential high performers for their team is one of our core strengths. Since 1990, I’ve seen and heard a number of comments – both full of wisdom and some lacking in thought.

The most important thing to focus upon in the hiring process is upgrading the talent level within your organization. This is the KEY to creating a high performance culture and improving your work environment. You know it is the quality of your teams and individuals that make the competitive difference in today’s marketplace.

Complacency in any area of the hiring and selection process can limit the effectiveness of the hiring process.

Based upon all my interaction with hiring managers and human resource executives, there are six universal myths I want to expose and discuss today. So, here are the Six Myths to Effective Hiring Processes…

5 Obstacles to Growth

Growth StepsGrowth is the key factor in everything we do. From Business Growth, Opportunity Growth, Financial Growth or Personal Growth – the key connection is Growth. Positive Growth is more accurate.

Growth is our lifeline to the future. Think about periods of no growth – like the “Great Recession” several years ago. The decline in growth hurt – revenues declined, incomes declined, homes were lost, jobs were lost, morale was low, and people were naturally more negative about things.

Growth is the only thing that can substantially change the course of the low ebb tide of performance and mindsets. Without growth, we would still be in this mental and actual bind of negativity and decline.

So how can we improve Growth? What can leaders do to increase the opportunities for growth? What can individuals do to improve their growth opportunities? Here’s how…

Need to Increase Your Personal Performance?

If you are like most of us, we have been programmed from an early age with mental scripts that are running in our sub-conscious mind. Yes, in did say – subconscious mind.

Research and studies have noted the  subconscious mind has been the primary location for limiting beliefs and other types of blocks to our productivity and performance.

The Good News is You Can Change these Old Scripts with New Scripts which align with Your Goals. Whether these goals are personal or business related – it does not matter since the process or system works. A proven process will place you in control of your personal destiny.

Take a moment to watch Robin L Graham introduce the process used to put you in control of your thoughts and actions. Click on continue to watch this very cool and nature filled video – the starting point for you changing your life…

Time Management is All About Your Choices

Hardly a week goes by without someone asking or telling me about Time Management issues. Sometimes it is their personal time management issues and other times it has to do with their respective team members. Yet, most people feel Time Management is all about some hard skills or techniques – we are supposed to use everyday.

Thus, the continuous call for Time Management  workshops or how to manage our time better.

Hey, the truth is Time Management is All About Choices. Yes, the choices you make everyday and basically every minute of your day determines your use of the precious time available to you. Now, it is truth in the business world others do take control of your calendar quite often – mostly for meetings rather than actual results oriented actions.

You can take back control of your life – time management – by reviewing your answers to seven simple and straight forward questions. The key is to REVIEW Your Answers and Responses to the questions for insights into how to become more effective and productive – every day.

Voss Graham interview by Jeff Blackman – Part 1


The first time Voss Graham and I met, we were sitting next to each other, both doing something we love. Watching a ballgame. Nope, not the Chicago Cubs. It was actually a New York Yankees game, in famed Yankee Stadium.

We soon discovered we had a lot in common. A passion for professional sports. A rabid loyalty to our respective college alma maters and their teams’ wins and woes. For me, the University of Illinois. For Voss, Louisiana State University. A passion for our profession. A shared and valued collection of mutual friends. And an ongoing curiosity about human potential.

Voss is the CEO and Senior Business Advisor for the InnerActive Consulting Group in Cordova, Tennessee. As you’ll soon discover, he’s one smart dude. Especially, when it comes to understanding what helps people and companies succeed and get to “the next level.”

Jeff Blackman: What does it mean, “to think like a winner?”

Voss Graham: There’s only minimal skill, competencies, or attributes gaps between winners and losers. Yet, the difference in results between the two classes is very significant. Since skills, competencies, and attributes can be measured, what’s the factor that leads to such big differences in personal performance? It’s simply the attitudes people bring to the game.

Attitude has a multiplier effect on both our inborn attributes like intelligence and behavioral style and our learned attributes of skills, knowledge, and experience. Using a positive multiplier, a person can distance themselves from both peers and competition relative to the results and outcomes.

Voss Graham Certified as a Growth Curve Strategist



EEOC and OFCCP-compliant assessment company distinguishes Voss W Graham with Growth Curve certification

Memphis, TN – February 10, 2013 – TTI Performance Systems, the world’s leading source for research-based, validated assessments has designated Voss W Graham of InnerActive Consulting Group Inc. a Certified Professional Growth Curve Strategist on February 1, 2013.

With this certification, Voss Graham is qualified to perform an X-Ray to determine a company’s current stage of growth; critically assess a company’s past, present and future to get CEOs focused on the right things at the right time; and identify the hidden agents – defined as 27 Challenges – that are impacting the company’s ability to grow, and develop a plan to solve those issues.

Increase Productivity – You Stop Multi-Tasking

GEEZ! It is amazing to hear how often smart business people exclaim about how great they are at multi-tasking. And, in the same breathe state how much they are getting done. Are You Kidding Me?

If you are an acclaimed multi-tasking individual I only have one question for you…

Are You Regularly Achieving Your Goals? Are You Producing High Value Outcomes?

Okay, I cheated – there were two questions. However, more importantly, how did you answer these two questions?

Most people I coach (therefore I really know how well they are performing) truly believe multi-tasking is the only way they can operate within their organization. Therefore, they spend an typical day going back and forth working on as many projects, tasks and activities as they can. Major mistake!

There are several reasons why people believe in multi-tasking and here are a few of the reasons stated most often…

24 Non-Financial Rewards Leaders Can Use

Okay, as Leaders we are constantly looking for ways to motivate our team members for high performance. And, most of us are still aware of budgetary constraints brought to us by the Great Recession.

Yes, budgets are still tight and were established for this year using last years financial results and projections, therefore there is little room for financial rewards or big bonuses for our high performers or to engage team members with the possibility of any financial rewards.

So what do we do without any financial rewards – which managers believe is the number one method to engage their people for higher levels of performance. Well, research indicts there are a number of methods available to reward outstanding performance – even without any financial inducements.

Here is a list of 24 ways to reward your individual performers using non-financial rewards…