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Key to Social Media Success is Engagement

Okay, today I’m sharing the real key to success in using all the social media available to you. Many small business owners and corporate leaders keep asking me about the value of social media.

The main reason you should be established on the social media circuits is – if you sell to Gen Y, some Gen X, and have these types taking over for your previous boomer contacts and decision makers. The truth is over 90% of the Gen Y individuals are digital. Yes, that is over 90%, so what is your strategy for reaching these people?

I have to admit I was a causal user of the social media for the first year or two. Then I found it was important to have a footprint in the social media. Yet, a footprint is not a silver bullet for future success.

Oh, yes, one very important thing to remember – no selling, presentations or sales speak is acceptable to this social media crowd. Information presented as tips or links to informational articles or web pages is the proper thing to do with the social media crowd. They like information with no old school selling techniques or tactics.

Social Connections: Six Degrees of Separation

We’ve all heard the term, “Six degrees of separation”.   This is part of the universal principle heralding that everyone is- on average- six steps away from any other person on Earth.   Here in the South (United States), we sometimes say there are only two degrees of separation!  This connection process is also known as the “Human Web.”

Reach Out and Touch Someone

In our fast-paced electronic world, things come at us pretty fast.   Most people are too busy to read every email (or any email) in-depth.  Most mailers received at home and at work look like junk mail and go straight in to File 13.

So how do you make a difference for someone in this fast-paced environment?    Make sure you are really “touching” people.   No, not necessarily in the physical sense, but in an emotionally rewarding way.

Some ways to enrich the lives of others…

The Art of Effective Networking

This blog comes to you after I read a quote this morning:

“Being a promiscuous networker who collects cards without relationships is a dead-end.”   Pam Lassiter

What a great way of saying that networking “effectively” means developing meaningful relationships!   Let’s look at the meaning of the word, promiscuous.   We all have our own notions and memories of what the word means from lectures and horror stories in high school.