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Stop Wasting Money on Marketing!

Okay, before you have a heart attack, let me me explain my position on this topic.

Yes, you will need to market you product and services, however, of all your ad and marketing dollars spent – Do You Know If You Are Getting a Return on Your Investment? Even the great marketing & advertising executive, David Ogilvy stated “50% of Advertising works, I just don’t know which 50%.

The issue is not if marketing & advertising works, it is really a question of what type of Marketing works for you and your business?

Marketing Email is NOT Dead

Okay,I know most of you feel if you get another Marketing Email you will explode. And, some people regularly complain about the number of emails they receive every day.

Yes, I feel that way on occasion = especially with the uninvited spammers who seem to get pleasure with filling my inbox with all types of offers and screaming “buy my stuff!”  Truthfully, these are the emails giving emails a bad rap.

The facts are the world revolves around your email. Even the social media is email needy. That’s right – even social media uses email. Think about it. To sign up for a social media account the first thing they want is your email address. Then the social media accounts use your email to notify you about events, connections, likes, group activity, articles of interest to you and on-&-on.

Yet, every time I listen to a Marketing or Business guru, they are always pointing out the need for an email list of customers and prospects. In fact, several state…

Key to Social Media Success is Engagement

Okay, today I’m sharing the real key to success in using all the social media available to you. Many small business owners and corporate leaders keep asking me about the value of social media.

The main reason you should be established on the social media circuits is – if you sell to Gen Y, some Gen X, and have these types taking over for your previous boomer contacts and decision makers. The truth is over 90% of the Gen Y individuals are digital. Yes, that is over 90%, so what is your strategy for reaching these people?

I have to admit I was a causal user of the social media for the first year or two. Then I found it was important to have a footprint in the social media. Yet, a footprint is not a silver bullet for future success.

Oh, yes, one very important thing to remember – no selling, presentations or sales speak is acceptable to this social media crowd. Information presented as tips or links to informational articles or web pages is the proper thing to do with the social media crowd. They like information with no old school selling techniques or tactics.

Are You Using Webinars in Your Marketing Strategy?

Are you using webinars in your marketing strategy is the question for the day.

If you are congratulations on a great choice. If not, then what are you waiting for before using them? The fact is according to the effectiveness research regarding webinars – the longer and more frequently you use them the better the results you will get.

The are four primary reasons for using webinars in your marketing strategy. One of these will make your sales team very happy.

Here are the four primary objectives for using webinars…

  1. Generating Quality Leads
    The key word here is quality. Sales people will get excited knowing the leads they get from webinars will be more focused and qualified than the majority of leads reached by the marketing groups. These are usually much better than even the top trade shows used by your organization.
  2. Increasing Brand Awareness
    Assuming you are using PR (Public Relations) announcements, the next best method is to use webinars to show the expertise and experience to found in your organization. Thus, you can help the PR buzz through the use of well planned and executed webinars.
  3. Building Customer Loyalty
    Many organizations use their webinars as tools to education and assist their customers in the use of their products or services. Actually, the webinars or online meeting services are very cost effective and can cover larger territories without the travel expenses. You will have some costs – possibly a list of prospects to be purchased, the choice of webinar service you choose, and if you bring in any well known speakers or industry experts. The key here is customers know they are getting valuable information and actually begin to look forward to the next topic to be shared. Thus, a new form of customer loyalty is created.
  4. Growing Your Internal Database
    This one is more for your long term success. The depth and quality of your own internal customer and prospect database is one of the most valuable assets your organization can have. You can control your internal database and use it for total campaigns or nurture / drip marketing techniques to increase the opportunities for sales growth. Without an excellent customer database, you will be shooting in the dark for new opportunities. Regular contact or touches are the key element for building trust and strong relationships with your customer base. Remember, when people sign up for your webinars, they are providing information to be added to your customer or prospect database. Over time you can build a huge database of qualified leads for your overall sales and marketing strategy.

There you have the primary objectives for your webinar focus. Again, the research shows the longer you offer webinars the more effective they become for you. You will get better over time at delivering webinars, topics or objectives can be refined to a higher level and most importantly – your customers will use them and this will add value to your relationships.

If you are not using webinar, get a cross functional team together usually lead by the marketing group or sales group and begin to address the different ways you could implement webinars in your organization. The better the planning process for webinars your results will move to a higher level.

Need Social Proof? What the Heck is That?

Companies, people, and products can all benefit from the psychological phenomenon known as Social Proof.  It is human psychological nature to lend credence to the opinions of how other people view products, people, and things.  Especially when these other people appear successful!

In business terms we could say, “People buy from people they like.”    And even if you cannot make an informed decision due to lack of knowledge about the person selling or the product itself, the “herd mentality” allows us to see what other people are buying or from whom they are buying.

Brand “YOU”

We hear so much about branding.  Every company and every retail outlet has a brand…even if they aren’t aware of what the brand is.

Chick-fil-a, Nordstrom’s, and Southwest Airlines are positive brands that easily come to mind for most of us.  Some companies have mediocre brands and yet others have negative branding associated with them.

What we sometimes don’t realize is that people have brands also.

Which of the below lists would you fall into?  Or maybe you can be identified in some of both areas?

7 Steps to a Successful Webinar

Today I want to cover the critical seven steps to a successful webinar. Seems a number of leaders want to use this form of information transfer or presentation, yet they are not sure how to go forward with a webinar.

So follow along as I share the seven critical steps to a successful webinar. By the way, my focus is for the professional, small business executive, sales team leader, marketing executives and anyone else wanting to use a webinar for fun or profit – or both. Here you go…

Are You Maximizing Your Publicity Today?

Yes, the question is “Are you Maximizing Your Publicity Today?” These economic times require more creative, yet, consistent publicity than ever before. There are several reasons for this importance in today’s economic downturn.

First, business people and consumers are very tired of the advertising world  – you know the one that interrupts everything we are doing to “pitch” their message. People are being bombarded by more commercial messages than ever before. This has lead to a desensitizing or a lack of attention to these commercial messages.

How’s Your SEO Today?

How is your SEO doing today? You know it has a big impact on the ability of people to find out about you, what you do, what you offer, and how credible you are on the web. That’s right a bunch of factors all linked to the code word – SEO.

What is SEO you might ask? Which is a possible sign that you are not paying attention to what is drawing people to your websites and marketing your company. SEO is code for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is what makes Google a partner rather than a problem child. So what are some factors that influence SEO?

Marketing Applied to the Human Brain Needs

Okay, yesterday I wrote about choosing between Permission and Interruption Marketing. And, based upon the number of visitors – you enjoyed that discussion. Well, here’s another concept for you to think about regarding your marketing plans.

Are You Marketing to People the Way Their Brains Want to Process Your Message?

Now this is really big in my opinion – because the new brain research thanks to MRI and CAT scans are proving the mechanics of the brain and how it works. Then, some really smart people have studied this information and applied it to Marketing.