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Four Ways to Deal with Failure

I know I usually read about good positive information and it will be positive – just read on.

As I reviewed the Phoenix Seminar for its Online debut, I remembered how many people have shared their failures in life or business or with others. Yet, most learned how to change their perception of dealing with failure after the Phoenix Seminar.

One of the keys to dealing with or coping with failure is to learn the Four Ways of Dealing with Failure…

Life Lessons for an Improved Standard of Living Life

Having one of those thoughtful moments about the quality of people in our world today. I have read Brian Tracy’s wonderful book – “Something For Nothing” which I believe was one of his best works of writing. Maybe because knowing Brian as I do, he was very authentic in sharing his thoughts and ideas in this book.

But back to the purpose of this writing – Life Lessons for an Improved Standard of Living Life. While my thoughts have moved past the initial thoughts of relating Standard of Living to a certain amount of money or income level – my focus is upon the idea of Living Life well.

There are numerous ways to relate the Living Life agenda – and yes, some want to focus upon money or income as they measuring stick. However, I would prefer to take it the level of choices we make – daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The choices we make create our world of reality.

So let’s look at three specific Life Lessons as we think about how these impact the choices we make.

Fact: Tomorrow Will Be As Crazy As Today

As an entrepreneur, I am continuously thinking that if I can make it to tomorrow or the weekend I can catch up and possibly get ahead. GEEZ! What a pipe dream! Plus, I thought I was the only one who had this issue hanging around to bug me while attempting to put structure and order into my day.

Well, I began to listen to my corporate brethren who were saying the same thing – sometimes with even greater intensity. I heard about the 200 plus emails and voice mails – not to mention the continuous stream of meetings to attend.

My goodness, it is a wonder we get anything done in this world of crazy we live in.