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A Day for Giving Thanks

Today we are celebrating Thanksgiving Day here in the USA.

While to most people it is a day of family get together and stuffing ourselves with a turkey and dressing and all the other delights, it should be more.

The more is the fact we all need to set and reflect upon the past and the present. To be thankful for what we have and especially any special relationships you have made during the years. For me this is easy as I think about my family especially my wife and my two wonderful kids, er, young adults – well to me they are still my kids!

And, I for one want to give thanks to all our customers and friends we have had the honor and privilege of working with over the past three decades. Thank you so much for the opportunities to learn and to teach others how to move to their next level of success.

So, on this day of thanks – THANK YOU and may you have a Great Day.

The Achievement of Wellbeing

The term “wellbeing” conjures up a nice balance of emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and financial health.

In the book, Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements, there are five interconnected elements that people look for in their lives… regardless of race, nationality, faith, and culture.

The Five Essential Elements of Wellbeing:

Opportunities… Both Great and Small

Great opportunities generally only come along several times in a lifetime.   You know, those great opportunities that seem almost miraculous.  Inventions, writing a best seller, finding the love of your life, being accepted in an ivy-league school, selling your company for a gazillion dollars.  But small opportunities come along every day.

What might some of those opportunities be?

Tips and Suggestions for 2011

For yourself and others…

Do more than live………   experience!

Do more than touch……..   feel!

Do more than look………   observe!

Do more than read………    absorb!

Do more than listen………    understand!

Do more than speak………    inspire!

Do more than tolerate……    embrace!

“And in the end it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”
– Abraham Lincoln

2011 Budget: Happiness

We have all heard that when we need “down time” we should write it in our planners.  Well, the same thing is true for happiness.

Happiness is out there for the taking but we must create a space for it.  Even in a down economy, there should be plenty of room in your budget for happiness.  Think for a moment about the things that bring happiness that are either free or budget-friendly…

Career Versus Personal Life?

We often think that in order to have a successful career, one must be willing to sacrifice a satisfying personal life.  Not so.

We do not have to deny our personal selves when living in the corporate setting.  Career commitment can co-exist with a strong family life and sense of self.  We do spend more time at the office than we are afforded at home but careful scheduling can enable us to balance career and personal life.

Some things to think about…

Who’s Laughing Now???

We should all be laughing now!   YES… YOU!  And laughing each day!   A sad countenance does no one any good.  Not the person with the inner sadness or the people around them.

Health experts say that we need at least twelve good laughs a day to stay healthy.  I am guessing that my office mates would say that I get at least that many “belly laughs” a day.  And I have a raucous laugh.  It is loud and contagious.   And on days when others are not quite so happy, it is probably annoying.    –sorry-

Act 3, Take 1- The Afternoon of Our Lives

Many of us will live to be 80 years old or beyond. This roughly breaks down into four nice blocks of time… each one a very different life-stage.

  • 0-20 years: Focus is on physical growth, learning, and education
  • 21-40 years: Focus is on building family, home, and career

  • 41- 60 years: Focus becomes re-thinking and evaluating our life’s purpose and mission

  • 61- 80 years: Focus continues with life’s purpose and mission, legacy, and reflection

What is Your Resilience Factor? Adversity Beware…

Resilience is one’s ability to bounce back after adversity.  One cannot go through life with experiencing tragedy, adversity, stress, illness, loss, and pain.  Resilience means having the capacity to cope and adapt in a positive manner to otherwise negative events.

Almost every major study on the importance of resiliency points out that positive and loving relationships are one of the most important factors of minimizing the negative effects of stress, tragedy, and adversity.

So…what are the top 10 ways to build your resilience?