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Fire Up Your Energy and Creativity

Seems I get the question about how do I get my passion, or energy up in my life? After asking a few questions, the answer becomes obvious and is really quite simple.

Stimulation of ideas and thoughts triggers your mental mindset and relieves lost energy and particularly your reliance upon the status quo. We find that most people are living their lives in the land of doing everything the same way it has been done in the past.

So what can you do to change your energy and your creativity?

Begin to enter your world of unknown at least once per week.

Confused? Don’t be, since this a great method for increasing your knowledge, creativity and energy – especially for learning more.

Okay, let’s go through the process so you can get prepared.

When Thinking Outside the Box – Whose Box?

Interesting thing happened last week as a client was reflecting upon how much they wanted to “Think Outside the Box.”

Now, normally when I hear this statement I get all excited about doing something new and out of the ordinary. To take a risk – a calculated risk for sure – and find new ways to do things. These new things or ways should lead to differentiation and greater results.

Well, a funny thing happened along the path to working outside the box. I felt resistance to a number of ideas and thoughts about ways to change how things were being done. I was excited as the visions of significant improvements and greater results were dancing in my head (I know it sounds like I’m talking about Christmas – sorry!) Then I began to truly listen to the blocks and comments about the new ideas – which were not coming from the originator of the statement – Thinking Outside the Box.

I realized we were still playing in their Box rather than another Box where the ideas were flowing rapidly.

Six Ways to Build Innovation in Your Business

In order to have innovation in our professional or personal lives, we must intentionally build habits into our days that make innovation ripe for the pickin’.

Here are 6 Ways to build innovation in your business:

  1. Ask questions: Either out loud to others or at least to yourself quietly.   Be curious!

2011 Prediction: Word of the Year may be “Innovation”

I’m not really a fortune teller or a sooth sayer.  I am merely an avid reader and a business writer and adviser.   Over the holidays I took time off to be with my family so I fell behind on my business reading.

As I endeavor to catch up, I find myself speed-reading through blogs and business posts.   One word that continues to catch my eye is “Innovation”.   It appears that at least for the roll-out of the new year (2011), Innovation will be a lively topic.