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6 Myths to Effective Hiring

Selecting Unique High performing TalentHelping both large and small companies to select potential high performers for their team is one of our core strengths. Since 1990, I’ve seen and heard a number of comments – both full of wisdom and some lacking in thought.

The most important thing to focus upon in the hiring process is upgrading the talent level within your organization. This is the KEY to creating a high performance culture and improving your work environment. You know it is the quality of your teams and individuals that make the competitive difference in today’s marketplace.

Complacency in any area of the hiring and selection process can limit the effectiveness of the hiring process.

Based upon all my interaction with hiring managers and human resource executives, there are six universal myths I want to expose and discuss today. So, here are the Six Myths to Effective Hiring Processes…

Human Resources 101: Top 9 Reasons Employees Leave Their Managers

We’ve all heard that employees most often “quit” their managers and supervisors rather than “quitting” the company.   It’s true!  The quality of leadership an employee receives is critical to employee retention.

Below are the Top 9 Reasons Employees Leave Their Managers:

Best Practices for Human Resources

Employees are a company’s greatest asset.  And this is not a cliché!  The best companies know this to be a tried and true philosophy.  How are the best companies planning now for the incremental turnaround in the economy?  Chances are that these companies never lost sight of their strongest asset…their employees.