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Which Are You Providing – Clarity or Confusion?

One of the known issues in business today is the element of complexity. As a Leader, you need to guide your people through the maze of complexity to a world of simple solutions and progress. So, what is the real issue?

Seems like confusion is higher ranked, mostly by default than purposeful actions on the part of leaders. I know, you’re asking “everyone is dealing with complexity so what can I do about it?”

Good question – really, I mean it 🙂   The only missing piece of the question is “how can you take responsibility to change the situation for your team?”

Need to Increase Your Personal Performance?

If you are like most of us, we have been programmed from an early age with mental scripts that are running in our sub-conscious mind. Yes, in did say – subconscious mind.

Research and studies have noted the  subconscious mind has been the primary location for limiting beliefs and other types of blocks to our productivity and performance.

The Good News is You Can Change these Old Scripts with New Scripts which align with Your Goals. Whether these goals are personal or business related – it does not matter since the process or system works. A proven process will place you in control of your personal destiny.

Take a moment to watch Robin L Graham introduce the process used to put you in control of your thoughts and actions. Click on continue to watch this very cool and nature filled video – the starting point for you changing your life…

Five Methods to Reduce Your Stress Levels

As one of the lucky people of the world, I get to hang out with a number of high performers in all the functional areas of business and life. One of the interesting things I have learned is how well the real high performers in life gain control of their emotional world – thus reducing their stress levels.

As an observer and practitioner of some of these habits – yes they are habits, actually success habits used by the high performers – I have seen the different methods they use.

So here are five methods you can use to reduce the stress level in your live – what is really cool is they are simple to implement. Here are the five methods…

Voss Graham interview by Jeff Blackman – Part 2


Here’s more of my conversation with friend and fellow pro, Voss Graham. Voss is the CEO and Senior Business Advisor for the InnerActive Consulting Group in Cordova, Tennessee. He helps individuals and companies get to their “next level.”

Jeff Blackman: How does confidence impact short and long-term success?

Voss Graham: Self-confidence is the bedrock or foundational aspect for the successful athlete, businessperson or sales pro. In fact, sales people with high levels of confidence seem to make sales before they even offer a solution. Why? Because customers want to do business with confident people. They feel these people will make things happen and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

People lacking self-confidence are at a major disadvantage. Customers sense a lack of confidence, and therefore lose faith in the abilities of the sales pro or business person. Yes, that’s an emotional response by the customer.  Yet all decisions are based in emotional responses, and logic is used to justify our emotional decisions.

In sports or business, confidence breeds a winners’ attitude. Winners take control of their mental mindset and view all situations with a positive point of view. Losers tend to look for negatives and use both internal negative self-talk and external negative talk, which attracts more negative influences into their lives, and their results become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

JB: So confidence drives our self-perception and the world’s perception of who we are?

Story about Winning, Persistence and Lessons Learned

Sitting and musing about the past, the current and the future today. As I was thinking about how the things we do influence our outcomes in life, I was first reminded of an experience back in the late 70’s when I was first learning to snow ski.

Seems our trip coordinators offered a race course for our tour group to race. Two racers at a time and you could race as many times as you wanted within a the allotted time period. The winner with the faster time would receive their very own case of Coor’s Beer at the party that night. (This was back when Coor’s beer was truly outstanding and only available in certain states.)

While I wasn’t driven by the Beer 🙂 I was driven by the competition with my best friend. He was an Auburn guy and I was an LSU guy so we had to compete for the glory of our schools.

We went head to head at least five times during the time allotted for racing the course. And, we got faster and faster as we ran the course since neither of us wanted to come in second. And, due to the competitive nature of our racing – I scored the fastest time of the event.

And, while I enjoyed the win and actual celebrating with my buddy as we enjoyed the progress we had both made by focusing on the goal of winning, I didn’t realize at the moment the major life lesson being taught from this fun time on the ski mountain.

Business Lessons from the Elections

Over the weekend I took some time to think about the recent Presidential elections and how one party beat the other party. I did this to think from a strategic prospective and to learn how business owners could learn from this process. Now it is important to know this is not a political discussion regarding political parties and their respective platforms.

This is a deeper review of the mechanics or strategies used to win. What was different and how did this difference lead to a competitive advantage? And, the important point to take from this is simple – there are right methods to use regarding the Internet. The question really is – are you doing the right things in your business to win a competitive advantage?

The most interesting aspect of the election centered upon the use of the Internet – the difference between the right and wrong way to engage your customers.

Here are a couple of key points about the use of the internet…

Hiring a High Performance Person?

Recently I was listening to an expert of high performance talk about how to find high performers for your team. It was very interesting listening to how he built his team to service all his customers around the globe.

Seems he has learned how to narrow the search using only one primary question. And, yes, he does ask for all the traditional information along with the candidates resume and stuff. Yet, this one question is his silver bullet question.

Assuming you also are looking for high performers here is the key question…

Do Your People Know How to Keep Score?

Okay, I know the title is a little difference and some of you are thinking – what is he talking about today?

Actually, I thinking about how often when I’m working with a group of people in an organization – these people have no idea how they are expected to succeed within their company. Really? Yes, Really!

What is going on here?

It is quite simple. No one has showed them how to keep score and what methods to use to score higher in their performance evaluations.

Increase Productivity – You Stop Multi-Tasking

GEEZ! It is amazing to hear how often smart business people exclaim about how great they are at multi-tasking. And, in the same breathe state how much they are getting done. Are You Kidding Me?

If you are an acclaimed multi-tasking individual I only have one question for you…

Are You Regularly Achieving Your Goals? Are You Producing High Value Outcomes?

Okay, I cheated – there were two questions. However, more importantly, how did you answer these two questions?

Most people I coach (therefore I really know how well they are performing) truly believe multi-tasking is the only way they can operate within their organization. Therefore, they spend an typical day going back and forth working on as many projects, tasks and activities as they can. Major mistake!

There are several reasons why people believe in multi-tasking and here are a few of the reasons stated most often…