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Ethics Revival or Guilt by Association – the Joe Paterno Case

The news services are all on fire talking about the Joe Paterno firing at Penn State. So what is going on?

I was raised on the basic assumption of you are innocent until proven guilty. Yet, today it appears you are guilty – by association – without any trial or final judgement. And, taking it even further, it appears that the press and social media are the judge and jury.

Is this fair? Personally I don’t believe it is fair in any shape, form or substance. Others values are being thrown on to a public mess just like gasoline on a fire.

The damage to an individual’s entire career is now done. Was it done to save face? Was it done just to assign blame? Was it done to cover up other’s actions or inactions? At this point in time, we will may never know.

So why am I writing about this topic in a business article?

Ethical Decision-Making

Are you hiding behind the law or running from it?   Ethical decision-making is much larger than the law.  Laws are man-made. Being ethical is what you are doing when no one is looking. Before a law is signed into action, man is already looking for loopholes.

Ethics, Integrity, and Morality are much larger than the law.   These virtues come into play when no one is looking and when there is no chance of being caught.

What are you doing when no one is looking?

So… You Want to Be a Good Corporate Citizen?

We have looked at the benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility. Going forward CSR will become even more important as consumers become more aware and more demanding of ethically focused corporations. There are already too many business providers to choose from, so an automatic culling factor will include tossing out any corporation, service provider, or retailer that is not socially responsible.

8 Easy to implement steps for implementing an effective CSR Culture:

Is Integrity your Referee?

It has been said that when integrity is your referee, your actions and your words will be in agreement.

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words. 
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”Unknown

The above quotation should be very thought provoking. Integrity-many times- seems like something “other” people need to worry about. But lack of integrity has far-reaching consequences.

10 Ways to Steer Clear of Trouble

Are You a Good Corporate Steward?
10 Ways to Steer Clear of Trouble

As a follow-up to our earlier blog on the intimidation tactics used by the drug manufacturing company in order to ignore health risks of its popular drug, let’s look at a few ways in which we can make plans as corporate leaders to be certain our efforts don’t fall into the same conundrum.

So here are the 10 ways to Steer Clear of Trouble…

The Courage and Integrity to Do the Right Thing

It seems each time we turn on the news or open a newspaper, we are hit with more news about the unethical behavior of some famous person or corporate giant.   In the last few weeks the reports have involved news that a large drug manufacturer knew of serious and deadly side effects of one of their top-selling drugs.  For the purpose of this post, it does not matter who the drug manufacturer is or the drug involved.

Trust…Ethos…Ethics in the Workplace

Trust is the basic foundation for healthy relationships, effective communication, retention and motivation of employees, and most importantly… is the catalyst for the discretionary energy that employees put forth in their work.  Discretionary energy is the extra effort and passion that employees voluntarily invest in their work…even when no one is looking.

Productivity and financial success comes easily to a company when there is a strong foundation of trust.  The importance of trust has been taught and written about for ages.  Aristotle wrote of the importance of “ethos” in his work, the Rhetoric.  He defined ethos as the level of trust held by the listener for the speaker. The three characteristics that we looked at in a blog earlier this week came from Aristotle’s Rhetoric.  They are:  Ability, Integrity, and Goodwill/Benevolence.

Having trust in the workplace allows for increased cooperation, creativity, confidence, and communication… all very important to the success of your business!

“The glue that holds all relationships together…including the relationship between the leader and the led is trust, and trust is based on integrity.”

Brian Tracy

What is the Difference Between Compliance and Ethics?

Speaker:  Dr. Rushworth Kidder, President and Founder, Institute for Global Ethics, New York, NY  (international author and speaker)
Author of Moral Courage and How Good People Make Tough Choices

There is a distinction between compliance and ethics.  Compliance is right versus wrong. Ethics “done right” become “values”. Compliance shades into ethics!

The Principle Disciplines of Ethics

Here are some notes and thoughts I want to share with you from a presentation I attended.

Speaker:  Dr. Rushworth Kidder, President and Founder, Institute for Global Ethics, New York, NY  (international author and speaker)

Author of Moral Courage and How Good people Make Tough Choices

Dr. Kidder’s institute teaches 3 principle disciplines: