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Voss Graham interviews Ron Bonnstetter

Ron Bonnstetter is the Sr VP of Research for TTISuccessInsights and a leader in brain research for improving our assessment reports. And, no this is not some boring presentation of analytics from a researcher – it is a dialogue between an entrepreneur and an executive dialoguing about the advantages of Research on the accuracy and validity of the assessments used by InnerActive Consulting Group Inc.

Watch this spirited dialogue between two people who are passionate about what they do for their clients everyday. Watch it now…

If you are interested in having a dialogue with Voss Graham regarding how these assessments can benefit your organization – just click the button below…

The Fallacy of June as Effective Communication Month

Look, maybe I’m reading this the wrong way yet when read about June being the Effective Communication Month – it implies this month is the only month for using effective communication. GEEZ.

May this is the reason we have so much ineffective communication during the year. No one is focusing upon effectiveness in communication the other eleven months of the year.

I know I’m making an issue where there should be none, yet, think about how the world would be, how your organization would be – if everyone was focused upon delivering effective communication everyday of the year.

When I share communication tips and techniques during our Effective Communication for Results workshops, people finally understand the simplest method to use for improved communication. So why is this information not mainstream information? That is the question of the year.

How to Avoid the Kiss of Death

by using the The Art of Conversation

This week we have looked at the art of conversation, why it is important, and how to master the art.  This post looks at things to avoid.   Don’t let a bad mood or a wrong turn become the “kiss of death” in your social and family circles.  Once you become labeled as a “chatter box”, “hot head”, or a “know-it-all”, these labels are hard to remove.

“She has lost the art of conversation, but not, unfortunately, the power of speech.”
–  George Bernard Shaw

The Art of Conversation–The How-To List

Conversation is an art.   Not talking.   Talking is a verb.  Mastering the art of conversation is a common skill among successful people.  Have you ever wondered how some people can engage total strangers in conversation?   How about the man at the office who knows a little bit about every topic under the sun?   Certainly enough to carry on an intelligent conversation… without being a “know-it-all!”

“It was impossible to get a conversation going; everybody was talking too much.”   Yogi Berra

Have you noticed the person with whom it seems everyone wants to talk to at a meeting or party?   That person is either VERY FAMOUS or simply a good conversationalist.  People simply enjoy engaging in conversation with them.

Here are 7 Success Habits for Mastering the Art of Conversation:

The Art of Conversation

Conversation is the way we express thoughts and feelings.  It is also how we bring dreams and ideas into being.  We first start with an idea, then we share the idea, then we brainstorm on how to bring the idea into fruition, and it then takes conversation… or communication… to make the idea into a product or service for others.

The art of conversation is a skill that successful people have mastered.   Those who seem to effortlessly converse with others about a wide variety of topics are the ones tapped for executive and leadership positions both in the community and in business.  Good conversational skills also assist in forming positive relationships as well as help strengthen existing relationships.

The Art of Communication Through Touching… Haptic Communication

Another important piece of communication is haptic communication, or communicating via touch.  This is another powerful non-verbal communication style that is very important in humans (as well as animals).  Equally important is knowing the protocol of touch in various social, political, or professional settings.

More Non-Verbal Communication… Proxemics

Another interesting communication concept is the study of proxemics, which is simply the perception of body spacing and postures.  Under the rules of proxemics, the physical distance between people are relative to the relationship they share.   In order to avoid a social or professional faux pas, it is recommended that you do not share space outside of another person’s comfort zone.

For example…