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What Has Changed without Your Awareness?

This weekend I watched parts of several football games – both college level and professional. And, while watching them I had an aha moment regarding how things change without us being aware of the changes.

My aha was regarding the offensive lineman and specifically their technique. What I was playing football, lineman were not allowed to grab the defensive player at any point. In fact, we were taught to grab our own jerseys and basically use our arms as big flippers to hit our opponent. Therefore, it was easier for the defensive players to attack the offense and make plays.

Today the rules of the game have changed. It appears an offensive lineman can grab as much jersey as he wants as long as he does get outside the opponents arms. Therefore, watching these football games was an exercise in watching basically wrestling matches at the line of scrimmage.

My initial thoughts were – wow I could have really good if I could have grabbed hold of the defensive player’s jerseys during a game. With my long arms this would have stopped my opponents dead in their tracks and I would have won even more of these battles.

Okay, so what does my story of football have to do with leadership today?

Coaching Dilemma – Do All Managers Need to Be Fixed?

I know this is a provocative title, yet, I wrote it this on purpose. Though the years I have been coaching people – even before coaching was attached to the description – and it continues to amaze me how often a manager is sent to me to be fixed.

In fact, we used to get a number of managers and employees to our Personal Development workshops whereby some of the participants were actually told – “You’re going to this workshop to get Fixed!” Interesting and sad at the same time.

The vast majority of the time the manager or person was not broken, in disrepair, corrupt or “damaged.” What they had in common was a different behavioral style than the rest of the group. Therefore, they got labeled as bad or damaged relative to people skills.

This truly became noticeable to us when we began to get a steady stream of women sent to us by one company. At first, I thought it was an old boy group that didn’t understand how to manage women. Then I realized that was not the case – both genders were sending this  women to us.

Do Your Employees Have Stinkin’ Thinkin’?

Ever met folks who find something wrong with the sun shining? Or known someone who would pull a butterfly’s wing off just because they can?

There are just some people that – as my father would say- are simply put on Earth to show the rest of us how NOT to act.

If you have someone with “stinkin’ thinkin’” on your staff and if you don’t address the behavior, your employee turnover and employee productivity will suffer.

What is the Quality of Your Relationships? Toxic or Edifying

We have more control over our lives than we think we do. We have all heard that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. And the squeaky wheel is usually the loudest and the most toxic. Whew… and the squeaky wheel will surely drain your energy!

Inside our lives reside a variety of people. Some of these people are a joy to be around and some are simply… well… toxic. It is up to us to assess the amount of time we spend with people and gauge the quality of these relationships. We do have more power to choose our relationships than we realize. Sometimes it does mean leaving a relationship or even a job. But more often it means setting boundaries.

WHO Are YOU Meant to Be?

Do you know WHO you are?  Do you know WHO you are meant to be?

If not you, then WHO does know?

How many people have you met that seem to coast along?  They do not think anything more deeply than what they will have for lunch or what television show they will watch.  Not that there is anything wrong with either eating or watching television.  But it sure is more enjoyable and meaningful when mindfulness is involved.

How Does Your Professional Network Rate?

Most all of us agree that no one person can do it alone.  We need other people in our professional, personal, and spiritual lives!  This is simply how we are put together.  Thank Goodness!

Tai Goodwin has written one of the best articles I have read on networks.  There is a lot of good advice in her succinct writing at

Enjoy!     And let me know what you think. Judy Bell

Here is Tai Goodwin’s article for

Who Benefits from Executive Coaching

There are many reasons a person may choose to work with an Executive Coach.  Many Fortune 100 companies have implemented coaching programs and most companies have used executive coaching through an outsourced partner for at least one of their corporate leaders.

Some ways Corporate America utilizes Executive Coaching …

What Do You Really Want From Your Career?

Your Career?

… Next Steps

Do you feel that your career has stalled?   Maybe it even feels as though you are moving in reverse.  You might be unemployed and cannot seem to get past sending resumes … with little or no results.  Perhaps you feel “underemployed” in your current job.

Even in the most positive business environments … careers stall and interviews are not granted.  This becomes even more discouraging in an economic downturn.   Many times through the help of a career coach or executive coach, passion for your job or career search can be reignited.

What Can An Executive Coach Do For You?

Do you find that you have more on your to-do list than you can possibly get accomplished?   Do you have trouble getting some of your employees engaged?

Is your life out of balance?   Do you experience difficulty in communicating with some key individuals?

All of the above problem areas can see excellent results when you work with an executive coach.   Change comes rapidly in today’s business environment.  When you couple that with a changing social structure, stress is almost inevitable.

Looking for a Mentor? Be a Good Protégé

We have recently looked at the importance of mentors in our lives as well as taken a look at some famous mentoring relationships.  We have also looked at tips on how to be a good mentor. Let us now look at how to be a good student.

Mentee: Pronunciation: men-ˈtē

Function: noun

Etymology: mentor + -ee

Date: 1965

: one who is being mentored : protégé

Usually a mentor will automatically be drawn into your life through a working or personal relationship.  Many times a person will notice your talent and enthusiasm and the mentoring relationship just happens.  Sometimes you will reach out to someone you admire to ask for their guidance and support.  Below are some simple but important guidelines for being a good steward of your mentor’s time and expertise.