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Hyper Growth is Great for Your Business Success

Too often I’m told by leadership of small business that they cannot afford to grow their business too fast. They have multiple excuses such as “I don’t want to hire more people.” “My cash flow is too tight” I have no capital to invest for rapid growth” etc.

Amazing thing is all the excuses are usually gone once the business begins to grow at a faster rate. While 2X, 5X, and 10X sound impossible to some leaders, the truth is it is happening every day in companies that focus upon profitable growth. And, I’m definitely not talking about betting all in on this idea – yet, there are significant advantages and benefits.

Watch Voss Graham share his insights and experience of 50 years with 36 years as a successful entrepreneur. Watch the video now…

If you like his ideas and feel comfort having a dialogue with Voss, then click the button below to schedule a call with Voss Graham.

How to Gain Experience without costing your company

One of the most important issues in business today is how do you gain experience faster and without costing your company due to bad decisions?
Well check out this video and discover the answer. Be sure to leave a comment and share with your friends or associates.

Business simulations are an outstanding method of gaining experience without the negative side efforts of poor assumptions leading to bad choices. In addition, business simulations using the interactive board methodology create other benefits for individuals and teams. Here is a short list of learning points gained using board based business simulations…

The Three “C’s” to a Successful Life

One of the hottest topics these days is about success. Seems a lot of people are trying to figure out how to be successful at work, at play or at home.

First thing is I admire the people who take a moment in their valuable time space to think about success. The truth is you are hard-wired for success, yet, sometime gets in the way. Distraction is the most common thing getting in our pathway to success – especially those of us who are continuously multi-tasking under the false assumption of being more productive. 🙁

When I began to think more about success I found a ton of information on the topic and got a little overwhelmed with the process of learning about success. Thanks goodness one of my natural strengths is problem solving and another strength is to simplify the complex into usable steps.

Those I discovered the 3 “C’s” to a Successful Life. This includes all the different “at’s” you desire doing for success . 🙂

Are You Using Goals or Directions?

Had an interesting observation last week during an intense dialogue about achieving goals. This dialogue crystallized a few important issues for me regarding the difficulty people have in accomplishing their “goals.” And I will share this with you now.

Seems the real issue begins with the initial commitment to an idea about setting a goal. Yes, I said ” initial commitment” rather than a game plan or anything else.

There are fundamental differences between setting – and committing – to a real goal. Most people choose to only set a “general direction” rather than a true goal.

Let me explain…

Need to Increase Your Personal Performance?

If you are like most of us, we have been programmed from an early age with mental scripts that are running in our sub-conscious mind. Yes, in did say – subconscious mind.

Research and studies have noted the  subconscious mind has been the primary location for limiting beliefs and other types of blocks to our productivity and performance.

The Good News is You Can Change these Old Scripts with New Scripts which align with Your Goals. Whether these goals are personal or business related – it does not matter since the process or system works. A proven process will place you in control of your personal destiny.

Take a moment to watch Robin L Graham introduce the process used to put you in control of your thoughts and actions. Click on continue to watch this very cool and nature filled video – the starting point for you changing your life…

H in Breakthrough equals Honesty

This the twelfth and final part of the twelve part series on learning how to Breakthrough to the Next Level.

H in Breakthrough equals Honesty

The letter H is found twice in the word breakthrough and also has twice as many possible words to use for successful breakthroughs. However, one word is always at the front line of need and controversy – Honesty.

Why is Honesty so important to the ability to breakthrough. I have several reasons and here are my views…

G in Breakthrough equals Gratitude

This the eleventh part of the twelve part series on learning how to Breakthrough to the Next Level.

G in Breakthrough equals Gratitude

Gratitude is much more than a word in my opinion, it is the core for being able to recognize opportunities and possible breakthrough in our life. Meaning our personal and professional life can be heavily influenced by the level of gratitude we use. It is the one thing that can multiple itself during our lifetime and gives us unlimited opportunities.

So what is gratitude and how does it impact your life?

U in Breakthrough equals Urgency

This the tenth part of the twelve part series on learning how to Breakthrough to the Next Level.

U in Breakthrough equals Urgency

The word Urgency is a key word for successful breakthroughs and success in life and business. I have watched some people delay and delay an opportunity until the window of opportunity closes down. A sense of urgency is probably more important today than in years past. Why? Because of the instant access to information and the viral flow of good or bad information.

So what can you do to improve the sense of urgency in your life?

There are several things you can do to insure a sense of urgency and the impact upon your success is very strong. Here are a four suggestions for improving your sense of urgency…

  • Know Your Style – I will start here since your behavioral style will heavily influence your decision making and ability to use urgency as an advantage. Certain style patterns play to a sense of urgency and quick decisions. The people who possess this patten are quick, fast decision makers, aggressive and usually launch prior to perfecting their plans. Another style pattern limits the natural flow of urgency as people with this pattern will prefer to study the process, slow down their decision making, look for safety over any risk, and avoid confrontation with others. These people are possessive of information, slow decision makers, laid back, causal and overly patience with them-self and others.
  • Know Your Priorities – Your priorities will become your tie-breakers during periods of stress, fast paced environments and even crisis time. When you know what is truly important, decisions can be made that are meaningful to you and your organization. When people have no idea about their performance priorities or are fuzzy about what is important – then a sense of urgency could be misused. Again, the key here is to know what is important and focus all your efforts upon achieving the important. I have seen people misuse their time doing tasks and activities that have zero to little impact upon their important goals and objectives.
  • Beware of Perfect – Too often great ideas and breakthrough ideas are lost due to people having to plan – a perfect plan – before launching, executing or taking any form of action. An old friend advised me one day as I was over-planning a project, simply stating – Done is Better than Perfect! What a concept. Create a sense of urgency to launch and get things done. Even if it is off the mark a little, adjustments can be made (unless we are talking a space trip to the Moon or Mars where planning takes on a life or death importance.) to improve the ultimate results.
  • Visualize the Outcome – Since over 65% of the population has a high need for visual input into our brains, it will make a clear difference to visualize the outcome(s) you want to achieve. This creates a high level of internal energy and understanding for achieving your results. When you can see the end, the pathway gets clearer for you during the execution. Using all your available tools will make your life more complete and your results will flow to you.

A sense of urgency for breakthroughs is a key component to your success. Too many people are labeled as lazy or unfocused due to a lack of urgency. Be part of the winners who understand the role of urgency in your life. And remember my old friend’s advice – Done is Better than Perfect.

Look around today, what needs to get done? Create a short action plan for its execution and launch. Just getting started is over half the battle regarding the urgency factor. Stay focused and work quickly and your results will flow.

O in Breakthrough equals Optimistic

This the ninth part of the twelve part series on learning how to Breakthrough to the Next Level.

O in Breakthrough equals Optimistic

While there a large group who feels the O stands for Oprah or the Oprah Effect for business people (the Oprah Effect is the explosion of business after Oprah says good things about your product or service), I felt Optimistic was a better overall word and more meaningful for every breakthrough in your life.

Optimism seems to be one of the hardest things for people to understand regarding its value to your end results. Yes, I have heard optimism referred to with various disclaimers such as… Blue sky thinkers, looking through Rose colored glasses, drinking the x cool aid, it is not realistic, no way that will work, no one will help you do that, it didn’t work before why do you think it will work now, etc., etc., etc.

Okay, let’s discuss how and why optimism does work…

R in Breakthrough equals Relationships

This the eight part of the twelve part series on learning how to Breakthrough to the Next Level.

R in Breakthrough equals Relationships

The R was a hard selection of terms due to several words that are meaningful for every breakthroughs in your life and business. The one that climbed to the top of the list was relationships. Since relationships are a key component to our success and happiness in life it sometimes gets the least amount of attention or respect. In other words, most people take relationships for granted. Therefore, I will cover some important points regarding the power of relationships.