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Casual Dress versus Business Dress

National Business Etiquette Week

What is considered casual attire to one person may be business attire to another.  What constitutes casual attire to one person may be classified as “sloppy” to another.  Opinions on dress code are as diverse as people themselves.

Casual:   Is it business casual or just “casual”?

  • If you are the person hosting an event, make sure you are clear about the dress code and how you define it.
  • If you are the attendee, make sure you understand the dress code.  If you have questions, always err to the side of dressing more professional or conservative.

Rules of thumb for attire:

  • Clothes should ALWAYS be Clean, Neat, and Pressed.
  • Outlandish outfits stand out!  This is usually only acceptable in private social settings or marketing, social, or media outlets.  The rest of us need to blend in.   (Darn it!)
  • Nothing overtly sexy should be worn in professional or business settings.
  • The old rule that we should “dress the part” still applies.  If you want to be seen as a leader, dress like the leaders around you.
  • When in Rome… we should all strive to look similar to those around us and similar to others in our industry.   Not the “IBM dress code” here, but nothing too formal or too casual in the office as compared to others.

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Judy W Bell

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