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Career Versus Personal Life?

We often think that in order to have a successful career, one must be willing to sacrifice a satisfying personal life.  Not so.

We do not have to deny our personal selves when living in the corporate setting.  Career commitment can co-exist with a strong family life and sense of self.  We do spend more time at the office than we are afforded at home but careful scheduling can enable us to balance career and personal life.

Some things to think about…

  • Make sure you enjoy the type of work you do
  • Make sure you believe in the values and culture of your company
  • Enjoy healthy and appropriate friendships within the company
  • Keep your work hours reasonable
  • Take mini vacations
  • Enjoy some long weekends away from the office
  • Make certain you take at least 7 consecutive days AWAY from the office
  • Unplug electronics regularly
  • Keep your family first
  • Nurture your spiritual life
  • Nurture your spirit  (not the same thing)
  • Keep a proper diet and exercise program
  • Make sure you are getting the appropriate sleep for “you”
  • Maintain healthy and positive friendships
  • Make sure you laugh everyday

Make a commitment to a balanced life

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Judy W Bell

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