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Bottom-Line Effects of Team Dysfunction

How It Heightens Disengagement and Costs You Millions

Dysfunction in a team will usually result in poor performance and inadequate productivity, but the effects of team dysfunctions on the employees themselves just might be far more serious and much more costly.

When a team becomes dysfunctional you can expect disengagement to follow as individuals may lose sight of team goals, not understand their role in the team and wait for direction to make any progress.  Statistics say that the average employee is disengaged two hours each day.  Could dysfunctional teams be contributing to disengagement in your organization?  If so, just how does it affect your bottom-line?

Disengagement is not a small concern.  Take, for example, a company with 100 employees who work full time at an average wage of $25 per hour.  What is disengagement costing them?  The productivity they could be losing due to disengagement is worth an estimated $1,200,000.

Determining the cost of disengagement within your organization is an important step in tackling this talent management burden.  Then, consider implementing organizational and team multi-rater surveys that give everyone in the organization the opportunity to speak up and help you determine the real root of disengagement.  Perhaps it is dysfunction in a team, job misfit, mismanagement, lack of motivation or other personnel-related issues.  No matter what the cause, identifying it, addressing it and implementing a solution will make a dramatic difference on your bottom-line.

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