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Beyond Social Media – What’s Your Social Footprint?

Today with the focus on energy conservation and going “green”, there are all types of on-line tests you can take to calculate and determine your energy consumption footprint or carbon footprint.  The tests can pinpoint your energy consumption footprint from the type of car you drive as well as miles traveled, number of airline flights you take, garbage generated from your home, as well as electricity and gas usage, etc. to the exact numbers.

What about our Social Footprints?  In other words… do you try to leave every situation just a bit better than you found it?   It is really simple to begin the process of improving your impact on your surroundings, environment, and relationships.
For some easy starters, ask yourself these questions:

  • How can I give more to this job than I am taking from it?
  • In what ways can I give more to the members of the Chamber of Commerce (or fill in the blank) than   I  am receiving?
  • How does my participation in class bring more to the classmates than I take?
  • How do I make others feel good about their selves today?
  • How much do I put into my marital relationship relative to what I am receiving?
  • How can I lighten the load of someone who is suffering instead of looking for someone to lighten my     load?
  • Is my friendship with Mary as much a blessing to her as it is to me?

The list can easily go on and on.   Make your own list of questions and refer to it often.  Pretty soon it will become second nature. Just as turning off the lights when you leave a room or turning off the water while you brush your teeth have become part of our routines.  Make your social footprint count!  It is smart social governance.

Some very simple things to begin the process:

  • Offer a sincere smile to someone as you meet them in the hallway
  • Pick up a paperclip in the office floor
  • Straighten a crooked rug so the next person doesn’t trip
  • Hold the door for others.  It might just be the human contact they need!
  • Send a card to a friend for no reason
  • Always ask, “What may I do for you?” when someone least expects it
  • Give sincere compliments
  • Act as a cheerleader for others
  • When you love someone, tell them
  • Better yet, show them!

What is your social footprint?  Begin today to leave every situation, relationship, and meeting with more than you took.

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Judy W Bell

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