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Voss Graham

Voss Graham is an Organizational Architect with 30+ years of experience designing sustainable business growth for organizations of all sizes. Creating the Strategic Focus with the Executive Leadership Teams, he uses Systems & Process to ensure the Drivers for Business Growth are Executed at the Highest Levels. Voss is available as a Speaker for your conferences or company meetings - contact him at 901-757-4434 or use the LinkedIn or Facebook direct messages.

Selling is a Game Rather than a War

Sales is really just a game rather than a war. If we look at sales as a game, maybe we could enjoy the process more, increase our morale, and find more success than ever before. Let’s take a look at the differences of selling as a game rather than a war.

First, as a War someone dies! This is not a good thing. If selling is a war then who dies? Do the Generals know that they are sending off the troops with a high casualty count? If war is a young person’s battle, then are only young people allowed to sell? What happens to the older sales people?

I know that sales (and Marketing) are treated as a war like subject. In fact, one of the best marketing book series was written by a Japanese consultant that actually used a process created by a British genius to show how to win a battle. His theories are still used in the War Colleges in the USA and Great Britain. Using these theories, Japanese used them to take over market after market from the US and other countries in major industries.

DUH, It’s all about the People in Organizations

This appears to be a very simplistic expression and should be well known within the corporate cultures today. To my continued surprise People are not considered by all to be the most important asset a company has rights to. Notice I did not say “owned” since employees are free to leave an organization anytime they want.

So what is so important about People?

First, they are the creators and doers for a company’s current and future success – or failure. Individuals create ideas for creating products, services, processes, and customers. Seldom have customers rushed the walls of a company to purchase their products or services just because they built it. It is the people within the company that have created a winning product, created a winning marketing campaign and a winning solution for the customer.

Second, they are the primary creators of balancing efficiency and effectiveness for an organization. Once this balance is achieved, the organization benefits from improvement in Productivity. For the most part, the source of this balance comes from experience, wisdom and knowledge used by the individuals. I believe that there must be balance within these three factors of experience, wisdom and knowledge to become truly effective. I’ve seen people with years of experience that have not learned anything new after their first year! Likewise, I have seen very educated people show little practicality or application of their knowledge leading to conflict or lack of results. Wisdom is the ability to apply both knowledge and experience for greater returns in performance.

Third, sales people create the majority of sales – which grow the top and hopefully bottom lines. The ability of sales people to develop trusting relationships with other people – customers – lead to success in selling. The internet will create opportunities for sales particularily in the arena of commodities. Yet, the major, key and large account buyers will relate to the sales person to make the commitment to buy.

So why am I talking about these subjects? Because people create the future and add wealth to organizations. The research shows that great people product greater results than land, building and machinery. If this is true, it would seem that every organization would be investing heavily in developing their people to become more valuable and increase their wealth in the marketplace.

We have been very fortunate during our 20 years of working with organizations to develop their people to these new levels of performance. That is our mission and purpose – to get people -you- to the next level. It continues to be our purpose and we look forward to another 20 years of growing people and organizations. Please check us out. We have been solving issues for our clients and we can probably help you.

Welcome to Insights

Greetings. This is my first post on the Insights resource blog. And I want to welcome you our new resource for our clients and friends.

The Purpose of “Insights” is just what the word implies – insights into the application of thoughts, ideas, concepts and theories into the real world. We have been assisting our clients for 20 years and we are proud of the results our clients have gotten with us.

Partnership is important to us and we continue to be an excellent partner for our clients and friends.

You will want to subscribe to our RSS feeds to keep up with the topics that we will be shared in the future. Since we are an OD consulting and training company, we cover several topics – including Leadership, Sales, Management, Strategy, Team Building, Communications, Assessments, Hiring and Selection processes, Personal Development, Coaching, Interviewing Skills, and Beliefs/Mindsets that control our actions.

Enjoy the journey. We’re looking forward to sharing our knowledge, wisdom and experience with you.