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Attitudes are Contagious… Where did you get yours?

And how to change them…

Most behavior psychologists believe that approximately 90% or more of our attitudes are formed by age 5.  We all have a behavioral style that we adopt very early in life.  These styles come from points of both nurture and nature.  Added to our natural “style” come the family and educational experiences we have.  All of these natural tendencies as well as our experiences set the stage for our thoughts and attitudes.

Our thoughts and beliefs do color the vision and perception we have of the world.  The thoughts we have about ourselves, our families, our community, our faith, and our lives become ingrained attitudes.  And our thoughts do most often become self-fulfilling prophecies.  As Goethe said, “I am the decisive element… It is my daily mood that makes the weather.” You get the message here…

With commitment and resolve you can improve your attitude.  Your life and your relationships will benefit from this shift.  Use these six steps to get started:

  • Determine the attitudes that need fine-tuning
  • Notice the thoughts and self-talk that support these attitudes
  • Make a conscious effort to change these thoughts into positive ones
  • Hang around the right people with the attitudes you desire
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Have an accountability coach

Our lives can be positively transformed by developing healthy attitude habits.  Why not begin today?

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Judy W Bell

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