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Are You Having a BAD Day?

Are you having a bad day?   Yeah, I was too.  I didn’t get up on the wrong side of the bed.  I love mornings… it’s when I feel most close to Spirit.  It was a typical good morning.  The house was cool… until I turned the air conditioning units up for the workday away from the house.

Most everyone I know would say I am forever the optimist!  Probably annoyingly so.  I’ve been called Pollyanna more times than I care to admit.  But, that’s just the way I was put together.  And on those days when “stuff” comes up, I might wallow (aka waller:  Southern pronunciation) for a few minutes or a few hours and then I do something to get myself back on track.

But today…. it’s hot and muggy!  I do NOT like the Dog Days of Summer!  Although I am a Southerner-both born and bred- I still do NOT like hot weather!    First I read the paper… lots of bad news…political infighting, government and military security leaks, and two more heat-related deaths in the city.  Boom!   The house was already beginning to feel muggy and now, so was I!  It was beginning to seem like a good day to “have” a bad mood!

As I was on my way to the office I decided to stop and pick up some cat food.  At that time of the morning there are usually not many souls in the grocery store.  But there were two souls there today who helped shake me out of my muggy mood.  They were poor.  Very poor.  I am not sure if I have ever run across such poverty and I am still wondering how they ended up in the nice clean suburb where I live and work.   I didn’t realize people in these United States could be so poor.

I was behind them in line and it seemed to take forever.  I am still not sure what the hold-up was because I was purposely not standing close enough to hear the conversation.  A man and a woman… both had crystal blue eyes that showed signs of a lifetime of hurt.  Their clothes were filthy and both had their clothes on inside out; I presume they alternate how they wear probably their only set of clothing each day.  The smell was as bad as anything I have ever smelled before.  I really couldn’t identify the odors because they were a mixture of everything repulsive.  Both the clerk and I were trying to hold our breath but I am sure that the smell will linger with both of us all day.  I think it will not only linger within our sensory systems, but in our hearts as well.  And the hurt I saw in their eyes is still haunting me.

When I got to my car I had a private chat with myself.  And I sent some powerful prayers up for them.  Whatever my conditions are- even if it is miserably hot outside- I am so blessed.

And… I bet you are too!

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Judy W Bell

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