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Are You Getting the Highest Return on Life?

Every accomplishment starts with a decision.  We each decide what needs to be done relative to our lives, our jobs, our families, and our communities.   Our goal should be to maximize the investment of everything we do.  Choice controls our destiny, not chance. Ken Blanchard refers to this as “getting the highest return on life.”

Jesus gave us the parable of a businessman who gave three employees talents for them to invest.  The first employee was given ten talents to invest and he doubled them.  The second employee received five talents, and he doubled his too.  The third employee received only one talent and, afraid he would lose it, he buried it.  How  sad.

When you limit what you will do, you limit what you can do.  Are you getting the highest return on life?  Remember, you will be given choices to make.  Make sure you make the right ones.  Not the easy ones, but the right ones.

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Judy W Bell

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