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Are You Doing Things Right…

Or Are You Doing the Right Things?

Peter Drucker says, “Efficiency is doing things right and effectiveness is doing the right things.”

The most successful people focus on their High Value Activities or HVAs.  Focus on your High Value Activities and the money will follow.

If you are the best widget counter and counting widgets no longer matters in your business, then who cares?   You certainly shouldn’t!   Our time and energy should be spent every day on tasks that can be validated as important.

Some common Low Value Activities:

  • Staying in email all day
  • Getting lost on the internet
  • Touching the same pieces of paper over and over
  • Not having an organized filing system
  • Holding on to “everything”
  • Not delegating
  • Creating spreadsheets that measure data of no relevance
  • Meetings that take place too frequently or last too long
  • Complaints with no action

In our next post we will look at some common High Value Activities.

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Judy W Bell

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