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Are You an Inverse Paranoid?

Are you an inverse paranoid?   If not, you probably should work on mastering this important skill.   The inverse paranoid wakes up on the RIGHT side of the bed each morning.    The “IP” is one who believes the world is conspiring to do him good.   They also believe that people are out to “help” them instead of hurt them.

What are common traits of an inverse paranoid?

  • Strong Sense of Purpose
  • High Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Healthy self-confidence
  • Optimist
  • Takes advantage of opportunities
  • High level of faith in God or a Higher Power
  • Displays kindness to others
  • Life-long learners
  • Strong personal and professional networks
  • Display enviable success in life, career, love
  • Health and energy

Being an inverse paranoid allows positive residual effects for every aspect of your life.  Unfortunate and uncomfortable things still happen to Inverse Paranoids.  But the “IP” looks at things as opportunities and positive learning experiences.

So… take that fresh bag of lemons you just got handed and perfect your lemonade recipe

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Judy W Bell

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