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Are you ADDICTED To DRAMA??????

10 Ways to Overcome the Drama Addiction

We become what we think about.  And talk about.  And gossip about.  Have you ever watched someone spiral out of control over the least little thing?   And many times it is someone else’s problem.  But then you get drawn in and it becomes your drama.  Since it is contagious, your spouse gets it, too.   And then the children come down with it.  Shoot, even your friends catch it!  What is it?   Burned out adrenal glands!

Ok, let’s slow down a minute and think about the things, people, and circumstances that we truly want to occur in our lives.   “Stuff happens” and it will find you all day long if you talk about it and expect it hard enough.  But remember, burned out adrenal glands!  And… a lowered immune system.

Trouble can walk into your life easily enough.  But if you invite it in, trouble comes in with his friends and family members and they STAY well past their welcome.  And remember…Burned out adrenal glands.   Lowered immune system… and normal healthy people walk off when they see you coming. YIKES!

So… how to break the addiction?

Ten Ways to Start…

  1. Recognize you have a problem
  2. Decide you want to change or at least improve
  3. Ask your friends and family for support
  4. You might even have to pull away from some friends and family who have the same addiction
  5. Get professional support, if necessary
  6. Keep a journal
  7. Learn to be comfortable with stillness and quiet surroundings
  8. Learn to be comfortable with yourself
  9. Talk less, say more
  10. 10. Enjoy your new life

“Talk less, say more.”    Judy W. Bell

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