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Are You a People Repellent?

Do you enjoy being around people?   Do people enjoy being around you?

Many people come and go – in and out of our lives- and often times we don’t realize who may be gone for good until we wake up one day and find that we have only a few acquaintances remaining.  Unfortunately, unlike true friends, our acquaintances and business associates will keep moving away from us if the chemistry no longer works.   The people we used to laugh with and enjoy an occasional lunch with can slowly or even abruptly slip away from us with no warning at all.

What are some of the most common behaviors of a people repellent?

  • Displays of angry behavior and emotions
  • The “know it all” personality
  • The “GOSSIP”
  • The Naysayer (Yikes)
  • Just plain talks too much.  Constant chatter!
  • “Laziness turns into selfishness “ acquaintance.  Never reciprocates.
  • Negative energy
  • Argumentative
  • Unethical, dishonest, untrustworthy

Make sure you are emitting the right energy.  If you no longer enjoy the active social presence from the past, your behavior could be to blame.  Make sure you conduct occasional check-ups

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Judy W Bell

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