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Are you a De-Motivator?

As a follow up to an earlier post this week, let’s look at the other side of the pendulum that Dr. Lance Secretan’s book talks about.  He has just written the book, “The Spark, The Flame, and The Torch”.

The book is about leadership by inspiration.  Below is one of the take-aways from the book review.  Let us now look at the opposite of inspirational characteristics.  For ease of understanding, the opposite characteristic is listed to the right of each inspirational characteristic.

The CASTLE Principles :                DE-MOTIVATING PRINCIPLES:

C ourage                                                        COWARD

A uthenticity                                                 FAKE

S ervice                                                          SELFISH

T ruthfulness                                                LIAR

L ove                                                              INSTILLS FEAR

E ffectiveness                                              INCOMPETENT

On which list do your actions fall?

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Judy W Bell

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