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Ambition: Is it a Good Word or a Bad Word?

Today I was reflecting on the woes of a neighbor of mine.  His life seems happy enough, but very lackadaisical in a well-intentioned way.  Well… probably not “intentioned” at all.  He just goes where the wind blows him.  No real direction, no real goals.  No real success, but no real failures either.  And then I put a definition to it; he has no ambition.

When the word popped into my mind, I thought, “Shame on me!”   First of all for being judgmental!  And secondly, the word “ambition” has negative connotations for a lot of people- me included!  The word conjures up people who will do ANYTHING in the pursuit of something.  That’s the down side of the word.

So I decided to look for words that have a similar meaning but that don’t sound so… well… Cruella Deville-ish.

Here are some words that you might use when planning 2011:

  • Aspirations
  • Drive
  • Objectives
  • Intent
  • Purpose
  • Goals

Now is the time to decide what you want 2011 to bring.  Or what you want to bring to you.

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Judy W Bell

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