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A Good “How To” List for Improving Your EQ

Researchers have confirmed what Human Resource professionals have known for quite some time.  One’s level of emotional intelligence is a great predictor of success at work as well as a measurement of healthy and productive relationships and leadership abilities.

Research has also shown that EQ is the second most important factor in job performance, only behind cognitive intelligence.  So, it stands to reason that we will all benefit by improving our personal Emotional Intelligence Quotient!

  • Realize that EQ is not a quick-fix process.  It evolves over time.
  • Recognize your emotions.  What emotion are you feeling and why?  Be AWARE!
  • Understand the cause of your feelings.  What is the cause?
  • Recognize the difference between feelings versus actions.
  • Allow your feelings but monitor your actions.
  • Know your frustration tolerance and hot buttons.
  • Learn to express anger appropriately.
  • Find your “pause” button.

Putting your focus on improving your emotional intelligence is the first step in making it a reality for you!   Raising your EQ is a Success Habit!

EQ assessments will become more and more important to a high functioning team.  InnerActive Consulting Group has EQ assessments.   Please call us now to discuss how we can help you gage the level of EQ on your team.  We can also help you increase your EQ numbers.  We can help get you to the next level!   901-757-4434 or 1-800-452-4036

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Judy W Bell

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