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6 Myths to Effective Hiring

Selecting Unique High performing TalentHelping both large and small companies to select potential high performers for their team is one of our core strengths. Since 1990, I’ve seen and heard a number of comments – both full of wisdom and some lacking in thought.

The most important thing to focus upon in the hiring process is upgrading the talent level within your organization. This is the KEY to creating a high performance culture and improving your work environment. You know it is the quality of your teams and individuals that make the competitive difference in today’s marketplace.

Complacency in any area of the hiring and selection process can limit the effectiveness of the hiring process.

Based upon all my interaction with hiring managers and human resource executives, there are six universal myths I want to expose and discuss today. So, here are the Six Myths to Effective Hiring Processes…

Six Myths to Effective Hiring Processes

Myth #1 – The Job Description is the Most Important Document

Well, the Job Description is treated as the “holy guile” in the hiring process of most organizations. Yet, when I ask questions of the hiring managers about the quality and helpfulness of these instruments of activities – well, I get interesting answers. First, in most cases once a job description gets written little effort goes into checking if the job has changed in the current environment. Another area of potential conflict with these documents is the competing traits necessary to perform the job at high levels of performance. We must remember the primary function in this process – to select the highest potential talent – who are human beings. Individuals will bring specific strengths AND weaknesses to the job – do you know which ones are strengths? The companies I work with who have elevated their performance standards and significantly lowered turnover are the ones who have a hiring system which uses Job Benchmarks. Designed to let the job talk, Job Benchmarks point out the specific performance traits necessary for successful job traits. Then the next step is to match the talent traits to the job benchmark traits. The results are higher energy, higher performing individuals who get the job done every day.

Myth #2 – My Hiring Process is Good Enough

Oh My! When I hear this statement from an Executive, I know they are in trouble. Good enough is the step child to Being a Great Company – it is the limiting step in the process. Complacency or laziness has set into the hiring process when “good enough” is the main descriptor used in discussing their process. Winners are looking to set up processes finding the absolute  for every job in the organization. The quality of your people is THE ONLY COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE You can control effectively. High Performance Organizations set very high standards for the hiring process and they have the patience to find the Right People for the Right Jobs. I’ve seen this good enough disease in organizations and their turnover is high, their performance in lacking, and their people are always looking for a “better” job.

Myth #3 – We are Un-Biased in our Hiring Process

If this is so, why do so many organizations have low performers on their staffs? Since many hiring managers are lacking in hiring and interview skills there is a tendency to hire on personality or worst – on the resume credentials! Really? Resumes are the least important document and should only be used as a guide for your interview questions. It amazes me how some organizations have made a decision to only hire people with a specific college degree – which is no guarantee of high performance potential. I have attempted to work with PhD’s from Ivy League schools who had a great education degree and totally lacking in common senses to implement their smarts. Just because someone acts like you is no guarantee they are a match for the specific job you have open. There are traits necessary for the job to be successful. Develop a System to guide your hiring process – from the identifying the job traits using a benchmark to having the job candidates use objective tools to identify their specific strengths and weaknesses for comparison with the job benchmark. When you have systems identifying the best candidate matches to the job benchmarks – you will improve the quality of your staff immediately.

Myth #4 – We get so many Resumes, we know we end up with the Best Candidates

Today, your human resources department can receive hundreds of daily resumes emailed by candidates doing broadcasts of their resumes to organizations while they are drinking their morning coffee. Yes, with the internet you can get hundreds to thousands of resumes are sent to you by a click of mouse (about 15 to 30 seconds of effort). If you are lacking an effective Hiring Process then most of the candidates are wasting your time and  effort. It is better to have thought through and dialogue what is important for specific jobs, then set up a simple system to capture qualified candidates for a job position. Objective data is a requirement in the hiring process and systems for finding the best talent today. The use of assessment tools has increased from 21% in 2001 to about 57% in 2015 according to the Wall Street Journal surveys. What data are you collecting? An important factor to utilize today is multiple assessment sciences to improve the accuracy of predicting the quality of talent. My clients are using an Assessment Tool for Executives and Managers using four assessment sciences. Why so many? Because it provides accurate and objective information about the candidates, looking at over 55 different traits in How, Why, Can and Have they performed ups the accuracy of prediction into the 90% level. You need this level of accuracy too.

Myth #5 – The Hiring Process is a Time Consuming Money Pit for Resources

Well, yes it does take some time to set up the system in the beginning for sure. Then the system takes over and does all the routine work for you – automatically! This is where technology steps in to do the routine work which frees up the human resources department and the hiring managers to focus upon higher level factors to improve their organizations performance and competitive advantage. The key thing is to have the technology doing all the manual work for you. Things like having the resumes on file and available with a couple of keystrokes – or – the ability to select from a list of candidates only the ones who meet the requirements for the job for the interview process. Have all the certifications, requirements and details available for the hiring process at your figure tips. Not to mention the elimination of the costly filing cabinets and trying to keep all the necessary documents in the right folders and cabinet (costly manual labor) rather than a system housing the application, resume, assessment results and other specific data points. All this information is available within a couple of key strokes of your computer. We call this productivity improvement rather than a cost or expense – especially when the system is very cost-effective.

Myth #6 – Hiring Tools are limited to only the Hiring Process

This has always been an interesting element for dialogue with executives, hiring managers and human resource managers for years. When using the right tools n the hiring process – these same tools are deployed in improving communications, conflict resolution, succession planning, performance improvement processes, and manager evaluation and effectiveness. The key is to use the most up-to-date assessment tools which are effective across all the generational types of people, and are still flexible to provide increased return on investment. Now, there are specific skill tests or specific certifications that can improve with training and development, yet, the core of personal performance traits can provide you with the insight for many areas of improvement or best practices with a team or functional area. Our primary goals are to improve the return on investment in several ways – foremost by finding the absolute best talent for your organization, making the system simple, flexible and clean to use, and providing insights to the staff in how to effectively use these tools everyday.

There you have the six major myths relative to effective hiring systems and the insights to create your winning Hiring Process. If you are unsure of what you could have to improve the quality of your staff – take the time to call Voss – that’s me – and we can discuss your objectives. We will discuss how to achieve your objectives faster. Give me a call at 901-757-4434 and discuss Hiring Systems.

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Voss Graham

CEO / Sr Business Advisor at InnerActive Consulting Group Inc
Voss Graham is an Organizational Architect with 30+ years of experience designing sustainable business growth for organizations of all sizes. Creating the Strategic Focus with the Executive Leadership Teams, he uses Systems & Process to ensure the Drivers for Business Growth are Executed at the Highest Levels. Voss is available as a Speaker for your conferences or company meetings - contact him at 901-757-4434 or use the LinkedIn or Facebook direct messages.

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Voss Graham

Voss Graham is an Organizational Architect with 30+ years of experience designing sustainable business growth for organizations of all sizes. Creating the Strategic Focus with the Executive Leadership Teams, he uses Systems & Process to ensure the Drivers for Business Growth are Executed at the Highest Levels. Voss is available as a Speaker for your conferences or company meetings - contact him at 901-757-4434 or use the LinkedIn or Facebook direct messages.