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2011 Prediction: Word of the Year may be “Innovation”

I’m not really a fortune teller or a sooth sayer.  I am merely an avid reader and a business writer and adviser.   Over the holidays I took time off to be with my family so I fell behind on my business reading.

As I endeavor to catch up, I find myself speed-reading through blogs and business posts.   One word that continues to catch my eye is “Innovation”.   It appears that at least for the roll-out of the new year (2011), Innovation will be a lively topic.

Innovation: from the Latin word innovationem; noun of this is innovare.   Innovare dates back to 1540 and originates from the Latin word innovatus:  to renew or change.   Coming from in- (into) + novus (new).

Merriam-Webster writes…  Definition of INNOVATION

1: the introduction of something new

2: a new idea, method, or device: novelty

in·no·va·tion·al adjective

Thus, the central meaning of innovation is “new” or “renewal”.    Business and individuals will probably all agree that 2011 deserves “renewal” far over and above the past several years.   Let’s hope so!

In future posts we will look at ways that innovation may take place

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Judy W Bell

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