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2011 Budget: Happiness

We have all heard that when we need “down time” we should write it in our planners.  Well, the same thing is true for happiness.

Happiness is out there for the taking but we must create a space for it.  Even in a down economy, there should be plenty of room in your budget for happiness.  Think for a moment about the things that bring happiness that are either free or budget-friendly…

  • A beautiful sunrise
  • A pink and purple sunset
  • Watching two dogs romp in the yard
  • Watching a kitten play
  • Watching a baby sleep
  • The smell of brewing coffee
  • Dinner with friends
  • Holidays with family
  • Listening to birds singing
  • Lounging in on Saturday morning
  • Working the crossword puzzle
  • Reading a good book for pleasure
  • A leisurely walk after dinner
  • The smell of cookies baking
  • The smell of Autumn after a long, hot summer
  • A long and leisurely bath
  • Your favorite pajamas
  • That new magazine arriving in the mail
  • Listening to a steady and melodic rainfall

These are the experiences that truly create happy moments and lasting memories.  Can’t you- right now- smell those cookies baking?

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Judy W Bell

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