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10 Ways to Steer Clear of Trouble

Are You a Good Corporate Steward?
10 Ways to Steer Clear of Trouble

As a follow-up to our earlier blog on the intimidation tactics used by the drug manufacturing company in order to ignore health risks of its popular drug, let’s look at a few ways in which we can make plans as corporate leaders to be certain our efforts don’t fall into the same conundrum.

So here are the 10 ways to Steer Clear of Trouble…

  1. Never, Ever have people around you who will always agree with you!  “Yes-men” are dangerous!
  2. Commit to keeping ethics and integrity-based decisioning in the forefront
  3. Make sure your Mission Statement contains an “Integrity” piece
  4. Make sure the Mission Statement and Guiding Principles are known and practiced by everyone
  5. Make sure there is an effective decision-making process as well as a “team” in place
  6. Make sure contingency plans are current
  7. Keep policies and practices (and people) transparent
  8. Make absolutely certain your corporate culture rewards transparency
  9. Assess your Ethics practices at least annually
  10. Adopt “zero tolerance” for offenders

Corporate stewardship is more important than ever in our ever-changing world.  Global business initiatives, instant media attention, and waning consumer tolerance warrant extreme caution in stepping over that line.   Your company could be the next one found in the midst of a corporate scandal.

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Judy W Bell

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