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Voss Graham interviews Ron Bonnstetter

Ron Bonnstetter is the Sr VP of Research for TTISuccessInsights and a leader in brain research for improving our assessment reports. And, no this is not some boring presentation of analytics from a researcher – it is a dialogue between an entrepreneur and an executive dialoguing about the advantages of Research on the accuracy and validity of the assessments used by InnerActive Consulting Group Inc.

Watch this spirited dialogue between two people who are passionate about what they do for their clients everyday. Watch it now…

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Hyper Growth is Great for Your Business Success

Too often I’m told by leadership of small business that they cannot afford to grow their business too fast. They have multiple excuses such as “I don’t want to hire more people.” “My cash flow is too tight” I have no capital to invest for rapid growth” etc.

Amazing thing is all the excuses are usually gone once the business begins to grow at a faster rate. While 2X, 5X, and 10X sound impossible to some leaders, the truth is it is happening every day in companies that focus upon profitable growth. And, I’m definitely not talking about betting all in on this idea – yet, there are significant advantages and benefits.

Watch Voss Graham share his insights and experience of 50 years with 36 years as a successful entrepreneur. Watch the video now…

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As a Leader, Sharing Clarity or Confusion?

Voss W Graham shares his insights regarding what the leadership is providing to their people – more Clarity or added Confusion? The Objective is clear, leaders need to share Clarity of the Business Purpose and Vision for the Future. Watch this video as Voss shares his insights and experience…

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Stop Wasting Money on Marketing!

Okay, before you have a heart attack, let me me explain my position on this topic.

Yes, you will need to market you product and services, however, of all your ad and marketing dollars spent – Do You Know If You Are Getting a Return on Your Investment? Even the great marketing & advertising executive, David Ogilvy stated “50% of Advertising works, I just don’t know which 50%.

The issue is not if marketing & advertising works, it is really a question of what type of Marketing works for you and your business?

Which Are You Providing – Clarity or Confusion?

One of the known issues in business today is the element of complexity. As a Leader, you need to guide your people through the maze of complexity to a world of simple solutions and progress. So, what is the real issue?

Seems like confusion is higher ranked, mostly by default than purposeful actions on the part of leaders. I know, you’re asking “everyone is dealing with complexity so what can I do about it?”

Good question – really, I mean it 🙂   The only missing piece of the question is “how can you take responsibility to change the situation for your team?”

Talent Reality Business Simulation introduction video

Hi everyone, getting real excited about our upcoming business simulation on Talent. Yes, you know I’m a huge fan of business simulations since they are so effective in teaching major principles of business to your managers and staff.

In this video below, I’m going to explain the major learning points and why you and your team should look into this amazing workshop. I realize I’m biased about this, yet, I’m seen first hand the opportunity to self-discover why things work well and why they fail – without costing me any extra money! Yes, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly things happen on the board – yet, once people learn the right way to do things in business, the only thing you will get is the “good” decisions for your organization.

Talent Reality is all about the Financial Impact of Talent issues upon a business. Participants learn how to effectively communicate with team members; make decisions regarding talent; make decisions regarding the production efficiency of the business; and learn the importance of optimization of people and processes for your organization.

Take a couple of minutes to watch this introduction and take action to join into this highly interactive business simulation takes you on a course of running a business for three years during the one day workshop. Check it out here…

How to Gain Experience without costing your company

One of the most important issues in business today is how do you gain experience faster and without costing your company due to bad decisions?
Well check out this video and discover the answer. Be sure to leave a comment and share with your friends or associates.

Business simulations are an outstanding method of gaining experience without the negative side efforts of poor assumptions leading to bad choices. In addition, business simulations using the interactive board methodology create other benefits for individuals and teams. Here is a short list of learning points gained using board based business simulations…